Basic Horse-Riding Equipment You Need for Your First Horse

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As soon as you get yourself a horse, it is a necessity to acquire some essential pieces of equipment so that you can be able to care for your horse properly, and by all means enjoy the kind of function that you acquired it for, whether it is riding or driving it. A horse is one of the many things you should have if you own a country property and horse supplies are significant in the rearing of horses as they are essentials.

Basic equipment such as pitchforks and shovels are accustomed for cleaning up at the stables the same way human beings buy gardening tools equipment in the hardware store. For proper care of a horse, you need specialized equipment such as special brushes and a tack used for riding which can be acquired at your local tack shops.

To buy the correct equipment for your horse, it is important to custom-fit your horse, keeping it cozy and happy. Items such as buckets, lead ropes, and brushes can be acquired in good time so that they are available when your horse gets home. Sufficient hay and supplements should be present before as well as your stables and fences. It is essential to have a special type of bedding if you have a plan of stabling your horse and an adequate supply of fresh drinking water.

It is good to note that feeding or water troughs can be re-purposed, the only thing you need to do is ensure that no previous toxic substances were kept in them and that they are thoroughly cleaned out before use.

Horseback Riding Equipment List

Here are some of the times that one is needed to buy if you plan to acquire a horse namely:

Feeding Equipment

  • A feed trough for single-horse feeding
  • A feeding container, either metallic material or a plastic one to secure or protect the lid from rodents will be used to hold the feed.
  • Water through for holding large masses of water.
  • A water heater is essential if you reside in an area with low or freezing temperatures.

Horse-Rider Equipment

  • Riding pants which are in most cases breaches are typically short trousers that are fastened just below the knee area.
  • A shirt that is breathable and does not restrict the rider’s movement.
  • Either tall or paddock boots.
  • Half caps for protection against the ultra-violet rays while riding.
  • Helmets protect the rider from injuring their head in the event of an accident while riding.
  • Riding vests are also a necessary protective gear for the rider’s chest from extreme wind or falling.

Barn and Pasture Maintenance

  • Hayfork
  • Floor brush
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Handlebar
  • Fire extinguishing ball
  • Spare glow-lamp
  • Extension cable
  • A secure dry place to store horse supplies such as hay and feeds.


There are quite some different types of harnesses, both for the light and heavy horses. You will need to understand the correct type for the kind of driving you would wish to do such as:

  • Driving whip
  • A helmet
  • Harness with a bridle
  • A safe, powerful vehicle


It is crucial to focus on the horse-riding equipment that you need as a beginner, as it makes it easier for you to manage your budget by prioritizing what you need up-front.