How Are Harp Screens Beneficial?

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Single standing highly tensioned straight wires are used in making harp screens, also known as piano wire screens. A sheet metal hook surrounds these wires at both ends of the screen—longer the wire, comparably longer the distance of a connection in the harp screen’s construction.

The method used in the construction ensures that the screen produces its discordant frequency in addition to the vibrations of the screening equipment. It helps to prevent the screen meshes from clogging and adhering together.

Harp screens have been in the quarrying and mining industries for over 30 years and now have been supplying high-quality Australians worldwide.

Ideally, harp screens are used for screening fines and other rigid materials with the help of mobile planting. This media of harp is known to be the most efficient and productive all over the world because it not only solves one problem but many in terms of difficulties when it comes to damp and sticky materials.

Features of harp screens you must know to prove its benefits

  • Harp screens, three decades of supply and manufacturing made people realize the usage and quality check of customer experiences to trust harp wire screens in their work.
  • Harp companies manufacture piano wire screens to make the model static and mobile screening plant in custom methods for special applications and machines.
  • The screens have comparatively an increased open area of up to 90% with no cross wire meaning no corners for fines to build.
  • The wires are smaller in diameter than mesh wire, so there is less surface area for fines to adhere.
  • The screens can be applied to mobile and fix the plants for grading, sizing, and shifting of quarry products.
  • Harp screens are used in multiple industries, from quarrying to mining and construction.

Will harp screens stretch the wire?

Within the initial usage period, meaning two weeks, most screen tension changes are made. As a result, the use of construction loses the initial tension, and the screens turn out to be checked regularly.

The hooks are built while being simple to install and easy to use. Plastic profiles make it available in a round shape to fit over round top capping rubber directly over your stringer rail.

The highest production on your screens is Flomax harp screens. AEG offers harp wire screen cloths for power screens and many more. Within the following parameters, AEG can produce any harp screen specification:

  • The overall dimensions can be any combination of 3300mm (length) and 1830mm (width) inside books.
  • The apertures range from 1.0 to 16 millimeters, with almost one notch.
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel wires run from 0.7mm to 2.5mm
  • The hooks created can be adjusted and fitted from any tension bar configuration.

This is all about harp screens of one product and nothing much in depth. If you are interested in learning about it before shopping for the product, you can contact us to clear all your doubts about it.

Potential harp screens are made in a unique shape of wires that are joined and provide the effect of self-cleaning with a demanding feed. The self-oscillation wires of the screens eliminate the screening process. Thus, progress screens provide hooked screens for mounting all types of screens and mortars.


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