Innovative Ideas for Unique Personalised Gifts India

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People in India love to express their emotions through gifts. We are accustomed to giving memorable gifts for all occasions. Read along to find out about the colourful and attractive unique personalised gifts India for different occasions.

Moon Lamp

This is an apt gift for your relatives and friends during the Diwali season. Share the joy of festival of lights by gifting a personalised moon lamp to your dear ones. You can personalise these lamps to include a picture of your loved one. They can use this lamp in their room to create a romantic ambience.

Personalized 3D Crystal Gifts

Your loved one will be delighted to receive personalized 3d crystal gifts from you. These gifts can be customised to include pictures as well as personal messages. They can be displayed in the showcase. They are also ideal centrepieces for your coffee tables.


Personalised Wooden Plaques

Wooden plaques can be decorative additions to a person’s living room. Presto Gifts offers multiple designs in customised wooden plaques. Take your pick and present it to your loved one on their special occasion.

Photo Collages

Pictures speak much more than words. This is the reason why picture gifts are so popular for all the Indian occasions. You can please your relatives and friends by choosing a picture collage of beautiful memories as a gift. Take time to shortlist the best pictures of the time spent with your friends. Arrange these pictures in different ways to find out the best layout. Once this is done, you can visit Presto Gifts to explore the collage templates offered. Select the template that is closest to your preferred collage. Provide the pictures to use to create the photo collage gift. Provide the shipping address to deliver the gift to the address of your friend.

Caricature Gifts

You are sure to have some friends who humorous and light-hearted. Make sure you select a gift that matches their persona. Caricature gifts are an excellent pick for such friends. You can create individual caricature gifts or go for couple caricatures. You can also choose caricature gifts to match specific professions. The uniqueness of this gift is sure to impress your dear one. They will know you have invested time to select such a distinctive personalised gift.

Simple Tips to Follow When Your Order Personalised Gifts Online

You can send gifts to your loved ones anywhere in India by ordering gifts online. A nominal shipping charge may be levied for delivery of the products. Remember the following tips while placing such orders:

  • Recheck the picture and message sent to customise the product.
  • Check the delivery address for any typos or spelling mistakes. Timely delivery of the gift is only possible when the address provided is accurate.

Read the terms and conditions of the store before you place the order.